Department Forms

  • Facutly-Student's Consultation Logbook Summary (download)

  • Thesis related form submission

      • Form-1_Nomination of Members of the Advisory panel (download)

      • Form-2_Approval for Proposal Hearing (download)

      • Form-3_Panel Oral Examination Report (download)

      • Form-4_Approval of Proposal (download)

      • Form-5_Oral Examination Report in Final Defense (download)

      • Form-6_Approval for Final Defense (download)

      • Form-7_Approval for Thesis Binding (download)

      • Form-8_Request for Change of Adviser or Panel Member (download)

      • Form-9_Student Consultation Appointment (download)

DOST-ERDT Scholarship/Forms

  • Scholarship_Application Form (download)

  • ERDT scholarship info details (click here)

  • ERDT Semiconductor Materials and Electronics track (download)


  • MSEE Microelectronics program (download)

  • BSECE (new curr. 2018) (download)

  • BET–Electronics Technology (new curr. 2018) (download)

Research Writing Materials and Guide


  • Synopsys Custom Design (CD) quick guide (download)

  • Synopsys CD hardkey guide for schematic (download)

  • Synopsys CD hardkey guide for layout (download)

  • Summary 1-page 0.18µm DRC layout guide (download)

  • HSPICE manuals and quick guides (download)


2/F Room 209C, College of Engineering and Technology, MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology,

Andres Bonifacio Ave., Tibanga, Iligan City, 9200, Philippines

T: (+63) 221 - 4050 loc. 4652 or (+63) 221 - 4050 local 4131


To all BSECE and MSEE (Microelectronics) graduates of MSU-IIT: We humbly request few minutes of your time to answer this short survey. This will help us to continuously improve our BSECE (Microelectronics Track) and MSEE in Microelectronics program. Thank you very much!