Trainings and Extension Activities

Date: November 21-25, 2016.

Venue:  Microlab, MSU-IIT

Course Lecturer: 

Dr. Jefferson A. Hora, PECE 


Course Learning Outcomes:

1. Explain the importance of layout design in the circuit design process.

2. Use layout tool, identity keys and layout basic shapes.

3. Define layers, properties, uses and functions

4. Read and apply design rules to actual layout

5. Describe different types of resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, and transistors, their properties, uses and cross sections.

6. Draw layout resistors, capacitor, and transistors given required parameters such as area, resistance, capacitance, inductance, parasitics.

7. Modify layout of resistors, capacitors and transistors base on parameters.

8. Draw layout of different logic gates.

9. Explain the importance of different design techniques and best practices in layout and illustrates them.

10. Identify and explain unwanted effects in a layout design.

11. Draw layout of special protection devices to minimize the occurrences of errors and unwanted effects in the layout

12. Create design placement in a layout and group them according to circuit, functions or common configurations.

13. Describe the different metal layers and VIA connectors and draw their layout

14. Connect devices by wiring using correctly sized metals and VIA connections

15. Create a schematic data, symbols and its equivalent block layout.

16. Explain different verification processes, DRC, LVS, ERC and Antenna.

17. Perform complete verification steps to a given layout.

18. Provide a clean data using layout verification and debugging.

University Participants— Faculty Trainees

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