Trainings and Extension Activities

Date: April 8-13, 2019.

Venue: Microlab, MSU-IIT

Course Lecturer: Nicholas Yee Wee Han, Synopsys Singapore


1. Synthesis Flow

2. Digital Layout on ICC II

3. Static Timing Analysis on PrimeTime

Course Learning Outcomes:

1. Know the importance of Synthesis in designing Digital IC

2. Input the required Files for Synthesis

3. Know and perform the Synthesis Flow

4. Classify Libraries needed for Synthesis

5. Know the History of Physical Design

6. Know the importance of Place and Route in designing Digital IC

7. Know and perform the Place and Route flow in ICCII

8. Perform Placement, Clock Tree Synthesis, Routing and Chip Finishing

9. Know the importance of Static Timing Analysis in designing Digital IC

10. Explore design clocks

11. Generate and interpret timing reports

12. Generate custom timing information

13. Apply back-annotation files, on-chip variation and additional constraints

University Participants— Faculty Trainees

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