36-month DOST-GIA Funded Project (2022-2025), monitored by DOST-PCIEERD.  

2. Program Project:  µC-IC: Design of Microcontroller Integrated with Energy Harvesting and Power Management.  (43-month DOST-PCIEERD Funded (Php 34M) , 2017-2020).  Click the following for details: (news1, news2, news3, video1, prototype_video)

3. WSN-IC: Design of Customize Wireless Sensor Node Integrated Circuit with Hybrid Indoor Light and Thermal Energy Harvesting Circuit for Disaster Risk Reduction

 (Initial 12-month MSU-IIT Internal Research funding of Php 660K in lieu of the on-hold funding from CHED-DARETO  of Php 8.5M for 2-year).

4. INLIGHT-2: Chip fabrication and Testing of Indoor Light Energy Harvesting for Sensor Network and Battery Recharging 

(12-month USAID-STRIDE Funded (Php 3.04M), 2016-2017).

 Click the following for details: (news1, news2, video)

5. INLIGHT-1: Optimized Chip Implementation of Indoor Light Energy Harvesting for Sensor Network and Battery Recharging

 (12-month, USAID-STRIDE Funded (Php 4.02M), 2015-2016).

 Click the following for details: (news1, news2, video)

6. EYE C: Design of a Vision-Capable Microcontroller IC for for a Robot Explorer.  (Click link for details: (publication)

(DOST Funded for 2-year, 2010-2012 with Php 34.3M)

—a collaborative project among DOST-ERDT consortium member universities: UPD, DLSU, ADMU, MIT, USC, and MSU-IIT


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